Ashley Summers

Spiritualist Medium and Intuitive.

My personal Development

2012 Attended an awareness and mediumship class by Libby Clark at the Arthur Findlay College

2013 Began working publicly as an Intuitive and Spirit medium on UK TV and in the Netherlands.

2018-2019 Took time to re establish my own spirituality and connection with God and Spirit, to see how I needed to further develop and re establish who I was my understanding of mediumship and my own spiritual development.

2019  Attended an Advanced Mediumship Class by Brian Lynch

2020 Attended a Psychic/ Intuitive Missing persons class by Stella Upton

2020 Studied and Passed an animal communication course by Helen Da Vita

2020 Began developing on the SNU TSP1 and PAS course

2020 Attended a Mediumship Mentorship by Sheila French DSNU

2021 Was Speaker and Medium for first SNU Divine Service