Have you ever made plans with someone who then let you down?

They had good intentions and perhaps an emergency has come up but what about those times when really they and you know their just making an excuse?

Have your ever made a promise you didn't keep?

What about something as simple as saying to someone you will call or visit and then putting it off or not making a note to call or a reminder to visit....

Our intentions were good, but there was no real intent.

What does it take for us to persevere?

Strength, courage, planning, motive, intention....

It is spiritually important to us to be intent with our intentions because it is a sign of honesty, love, compassion and our personal nature.

When your talking to someone about a situation are you talking with good intent or just spreading gossip and bad news?

Our intent and our intentions are also a sign of our integrity.

Like keeping your word, be honest with someone when you really can't commit to something rather than agreeing to something to then just back out at the last minute because you really had no intention to do it in the first place.

What drives you forward in life?

When you go about your daily personal, professional and spiritual life what is your intention? Do you set out to hurt others or help them?

Perhaps you do have good intentions but you need to focus on how to stay organised, perhaps you need to get better at planning how to stick to those good intentions.

Sometimes we can find ourselves in situations we had good intentions about but things get tough, we struggle and sometimes we fail.

Like those new years resolutions or goals... We start out with good intentions, perhaps it is healthier eating for example... and then we have a tough day and snack a little., then we go out with friends and over indulge at weekend-- Ok that's not so bad... but soon any problem or issue becomes and excuse for us to break from the diet and out good intentions fade and we end up not focussing on our intended healthy eating goals.

The intent in our intentions may not always be easily maintained. We have to be focussed to stay intent. If I told you there was going to be a big free give away at your favourite store, you can have anything you like for free but it's only open to the first 10 people who get in the store tomorrow. You would be intent to be one of those first 10 people.

On a spiritual matter of intention, when I ask for spirit to come forward to communicate or when I send out energy or begin a ritual or other esoteric practice I open up with a 'prayer' a sign of intention. I ask spirit to come forward and speak my intention and desire to work with them.

Intentions can be related to motives..... What are your motives behind what you do?

Do you give up to easily so break your intentions?

Are you easily distracted from your intentions?

Do you call someone to find out about them or just talk about you?

When doing anything in the esoteric or spiritual our intentions or motives are the most important? What is your intention when writing or doing the incantation or ritual?

Energy of the mystical that some of us work with is neither good nor bad it is our intention behind it.

Take a knife, it can be used to cut vegetables or hurt someone, but it is the persons intention who has the knife that is the deciding factor.

Do you go out intending to find trouble, issues...." The shops will be busy, I won't find a parking space, everything will be expensive..."

Or do you go out intending to have a great time... Finding the positive in all the situations you face?

Do other people try to put you down and affect your intentions..... saying things like .... "You won't be able to do that, why you doing that for it won't make no difference...?"

Don't let others negative energy or lack of motivation or good intention stop you.

Learn to be intent in your intentions by being honest with what you can or can't do, in all your interactions... I learnt this too. I had credit cards when I was younger and stupid.... Yes I had good intentions to pay them off but no real intent when I was not watching how much I was spending on them and not budgeting money aside properly to pay them back. A stretch on the intention topic but still worth noting... Have you borrowed things from others with no real intention to give it back? Did you accept help from someone with no intention to help them back?

We can get into negative behaviour patterns if we don't take notice and remain intent on our intentions and those things that influence us. Stay focussed on the spiritual this will assist you in keeping the intent in your intentions.

Be intent with your intentions....