I spoke a little about this on the TV show yesterday and I wanted share a little more insight from my divine feeling..

A milestone is known as the following...

  1. Originally a stone set up beside a road to mark the distance in miles to a particular place
  2. A significant stage or event in the development of something.
    "the speech is being hailed as a milestone in race relations"

You could also see puberty, or adulthood as mile stones or even particular birthdays as milestones. Points in your life on your journey to celebrate.

We should look in daily life and generally as well at having more milestone moments, more ways to let our soul and spirit known we appreciate everything we are doing and achieving.

It could be as simple as having a clean house for a week, sticking to goals, or stepping away from an ex partner or relationship that went sour or toxic.

Perhaps you have come to a point in your life of big changes and you want to make a milestone from those or even make note and celebrate a day that you didn't think or say anything negative about yourself.

I celebrated my 100th Live TV show on the Sky 886 channel on 13th January 2017. That was a milestone moment for me. A milestone of seeing how much I had changed and how far I had come and still how far I wanted to go and achieve.

I was able to look back on the times and years of being nervous and also see how my confidence had grown and my connection with the Spirit World. I was able to think about all the people I hope I was able to give positive guidance and insight too.

I think we should always find ways of marking, celebrating and taking note of the moments in life that change us. We go through many stages and events in life, marriage or divorce, birthday, passing to spirit, new jobs, new homes, holidays, spiritual development, all these things we can establish and celebrate...

Don't worry if someone else sees it as big or small only how you feel matters, make a milestone moment out of a month of washing up and not leaving the dirty dishes to the morning....

Whatever your milestone moment is the point is to feel grateful for what you are doing in life, celebrating and remembering the journey.

Love and Blessings