What's the weather like?... that question can be one of those first thoughts of the day..  if you are ever out and about or on holiday friends and family will ask.. what's the weather like where you are?

The weather can play a big part in our lives but it is also possible to associate situations in our life with the weather.

Take for instance the sunshine we feel. If you are a lover of sunshine, you may recognise sunshine moments in your life, the news that a new purchase on a house has come through, falling in love, getting that promotion at work and stepping forward or higher on your spiritual journey may all feel like the sun is shining as bright as it can be for you.

If you ever watched a tearful movie or 'heartbreak love song' music video you will notice how many times rain is referenced for sadness and difficult times. When you are feeling sad or even emotionally upset you may experience times when it feels your tears do not stop falling like an endless rain.


Just remember no matter the situation the Divine loves you, and each situation can be a learning process. Sometimes no matter our spiritual, intuitive, psychic or prophetic awareness we are reminded to lean on and respect our connection to God Divine and Spirit. We can not for tell all events and a tornado can metaphorically or even physically blow through our lives and everything we had planned or thought could be turned upside down and inside out.

We just recently had a passing to spirit in the family which felt like a tornado came in. It was unexpected and it hit many family members hard. I personally felt like it was a tornado moment, but in that moment I turned and leaned on my faith as hard as I could. I am aware of the spirit world in my work and connection as a spirit medium and I relied on my faith to get me through.

Of Course I was grieving and at the time of writing this I still am and have moments of deep sadness. But I kept all my spiritual commitments even on the day of passing I leaned on God and Spirit and prayed and meditated and went on TV in the afternoon and evening giving psychic guidance. I know that I must live by my faith, I also knew that people needed my psychic guidance and that my work is for Divine and Spirit.

Check out my teaching Faith– The ‘key to the plan’ if you are needing to know why having faith is so key to a positive spiritual life.

The tornado came in but what good would it do to let it break me? I went through the Why God Why, I may never know the answer but I have to accept what has/ had happened and press forward. I don't mean that for all and everyone's mourning and grieving that just an example from my life at the moment I write this.


Perhaps your tornado moment is you have a lot of work and things planned and your car has just broken down, you haven't the finances now to fix it but you do have the money to get the bus, so plans have to be changed, some upheaval upset and worry.

But the sooner you trust and lean on your faith by doing something spiritual in the situation and then press forward with what you must do, checking bus times and fares etc the tornado moment can be contained.

Sometimes people come into our life like a strong gale, and it seems they are just determined to blow us off course. Adversaries or obstacles can seem like gales blowing against us.

Maybe you are going through a situation right now that it seems like a gale is blowing in your face to try and stop you.

I want to encourage you to keep pressing forward. Your sunny day is coming if you don't give up. Perhaps you are trying to meditate more regularly, building your spirituality or pressing forward with a work goal or perhaps a finance commitment to get you out of debt. Whatever you are facing press on and press forward have faith and strength that you can make it and believe in yourself and your abilities.

For Encouragement on not giving up read here Time to give up….giving up!

If you need to rest or need advice then take it and ask for it and prayerfully consider all your actions.

Another thing we can relate to the weather is the fact that just like the weather our emotions and feelings can change from one day to the next and we can allow them to decide and determine our day and focus instead or preparing for them and dealing with it.

Imagine a rainy day like a day of feeling upset, but your faith and focus could be like an umbrella, not stopping the rain or upset but dealing with it in a positive way. Even like getting therapy or counselling.


In a snowy day  when you know the weather is cold you wrap up warm, you prepare yourself. Perhaps you know a difficult meeting is coming up or you got to confront someone about a situation. Preparing yourself spiritually, mentally and emotionally like wearing a warm jacket, scarf and gloves on a snowy day.

Some inspirational and spiritual texts on the weather of life ...

Dealing with a storm... ( Christian... )

Psalm 107 27-30

They staggered and trembled like a drunken man,
And were at their wits’ end [all their wisdom was useless].
Then they cried out to the Lord in their trouble,
And He brought them out of their distresses.
He hushed the storm to a gentle whisper,
So that the waves of the sea were still.
Then they were glad because of the calm,
And He guided them to their desired haven (harbor).


Strength in all circumstances ... (Astaru..)

" Even in the sheath the sword must be sharp, so too must the mind and spirit be in the body "

A song to listen too " Make it through the rain "

Another song too " Bring me Sunshine "

Whatever weather you have going on in your life whether, you feel lost in the fog, pushing forward in a gale, or shining brightly.

I wish to give you guidance and insight if I can do check out my website and get in touch and also I wish you strength, courage and blessings.

Ashley Summers