Well ... do you?..

Are there things within your life you wish to conquer on the inside and out? Maybe you want to conquer debt or a fear of commitment?

Are you fed up of feeling defeated or feeling like you just can't seem to win...

Firstly let's look at what it means to be a conqueror...

" to overcome, to gain, to be victorious "

A most familiar association to conquering maybe in the case of a 'battle'.... the winning side, conquered the side that was defeated.

Perhaps you have some battles going on in your own life we say that we

'battle debt, addiction, thoughts, doubts.. sometimes we say parenthood is a battle...'

In all our battles though we can turn and lean on our faith and strength even if we feel we have little faith. The smallest acorn can still grow into the mightiest tree.


"A conqueror perseveres against the odds.. "

I can't say I have conquered Mount Everest or any mountain for that matter at current in my life. Maybe I will in the future, but I remember conquering my fear of an upside down rollercoaster... It was about 7/8 years ago. I just knew in my heart no matter what I wanted to get on that ride and experience it.. little did I know it was a loop the loop with lots of loops but still. The feeling I had afterwards was great.

I am sure after months or years of training or planning those who conqueror Mount Everest or the North Pole feel amazing, and before you say well I don't want to conqueror any of those things... It can feel just as amazing for you to conqueror the situations in your life.

Whether you are looking to conqueror some type of addiction, thoughts, doubts, fears, emotions... or that ironing pile that is definitely looking a lot like Mount Everest the more you look at it.

A conqueror perseveres against the odds using faith filled wisdom and knowledge. A conqueror doesn't give up and doesn't listen to doubt.

To be a conqueror you may have to deal with times of defeat..

There are bumps in the road on any journey eventually but that does not mean you need to use them as excuses to give up. I remember many years ago being in a very challenging relationship and no matter how much love we threw into it and no matter what we did to hold it together, it was either not in the divine plan or it was run out by negative energy the outcome was it came to an end and I felt defeated.

Defeated because I had really believed in the relationship and we was engaged to be married. Defeated because I had moved to the other side of London to be with this person.  I felt defeated when I  was sat mid day outside the bottom of a block of flats waiting for a taxi to take me to my place of work that had live in accommodation and was now to become my home too with just bags of my possessions not nice suitcases or boxed up items, But carrier bags, holdalls with everything I owned in them. Yeah I felt defeated, yet the truth is The relationship had turned toxic and there was no magic remedy Of course I felt defeated but I never gave up.

Even writing this now I am going through things I am awaiting and believing in a new home and a change on some financial things...and I am believing and having faith and doing what I feel guided too. It may take a time to conqueror what I need to, I could sit around and feel defeated or I can keep pressing forward.

To be a conqueror you must overcome fear and doubt and strengthen your faith..

Fear won't just disappear, you may have to do something despite of the fear. Leaving a difficult relationship might give you fear, maybe you doubt you will find someone else. But to be a conqueror you got to deal with fear and do things despite the feelings.

How many times do we doubt something so much and put ourselves off but if we ignore it and succeed and conquer the doubt we realise the doubt was way out of line to what we experienced or happened.

When we get a conquerors mindset we allow ourselves to move forward into something new...

If you want to lead a life that is victorious, if you want to gain and step forward get a conquerors mind set. Remind yourself of your faith, speak daily affirmations, pray and do some spiritual rituals or things that will encourage to move forward.

You may need to get the mindset to conquer those daily battles... to stay happy and to live a peaceful life. You may need to spend time daily specifically meditating on keeping happy and keep your peace.


( Christian... We are more than conquerors in he who strengthens us... )

( Roman.. God Mars.. a God of war... like dealing with the battles within you.. )

( Poet Latin... Love conquers all, let us all yield to love )

Sometimes getting a little guidance on where we are heading can help us be conquerors... maybe getting a psychic/prophetic reading to the ex can gain you strength to move forward.. and conqueror the fear of making the first move on new love...

There are many people throughout history who have conquered in a positive way, overcoming repression, doubts, fears, others thoughts and feelings about them, even wars that wore won conquering a great evil that was rising and determined to defeat us. But that takes peoples strength to be conquerors.

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Hold up your shield of faith ( Christian ) hear the calling of the spirit ( Pagan/ Native American ) and be a conqueror in the battle that you may be facing. Go and be victorious..

I thank my Spirit Guides, Divine God Energy and my Spiritual helpers... I hope this gives you faith, food for thought and I pray for blessings upon you and that you are able to conquer and achieve all the things you set out to and are believing for.


Ashley Summers