Mission Statement
The Mission of Ashley Summers Ministry as guided by Ashley Summers is

1a To connect with Christianity, Spiritualism, and religions and pathways that promote a connection to God who gives love, equality and respect.

1b To provide spiritual teaching and connection in a ministry run with values that correspond across many  different spiritual and religious pathways, more a collective of divine teaching, guidance and following. With the aim to help everyone live a free, open and accepting spiritual life. 
Teaching will be in written, audio and video format as well as one to one and group teaching.

2- To give hope and support to all with an emphasis on connecting with the LGBTQIA community and others who may feel that religious organisations push them aside and cause a wedge or obstacle between them and a connection to God and Spirit.

3- To provide services as given by connection through naturally and divinely given proven , tested and trusted gifts, talents and through communication and connection with God and Spirit or through the use of interpretative tools.

4- To provide a prayer, spiritual healing service. To honour the divine in all things and to worship, praise and respect God, Great Spirit. There are many rivers that lead to the sea. We shall all flow back to the ocean of the spirit world whichever river we choose to travel along.

5- To provide outreach in the best way that we can by supporting others that are doing so and by meeting peoples needs wisely using the resources we have available, like the dedicated charity donations already in place.

6- To provide mediumship and the connection to the afterlife/ spirit world through evidential mediumship that may correspond with spiritualism teachings and practices.

7- To recognise the energy exchanges in life and that we also can have an impact on those things around us.

These may be added or amended as divinely and spiritually guided.
 Many Blessings