As part of our belief and spiritual outreach and services we have healing evenings.

We shall be holding these evenings at regular intervals.

The evenings consist of pre-booked or walk in 15 minute spiritual healing sessions. This can involve faith or spiritual healing.

The designated faith/ healer , most likely to be Ashley Summers or another trusted spiritual associate will pray to God for healing and will place hands on the shoulders of attendee ( person to receive spiritual healing ) or have hands near to the person. 
They will also ask to channel healing energy from God and Spirit through us into the attendee of the session.

The feeling of the attendee can vary .. some get warm, or cool, some feel energised, exciteable, others get such a calming loving peace that they weap others feel more milder things yet leave a little more vibrant.
Healing isn't always instant and is not guaranteed healing is at the desire/ connection of God and Spirit.  But we know though many spiritual teachings and testimonies healing can work and is a part of our faith.

The current location is not step free but it is possible that we can use a local centre if you require step free access please call us to

 book your session on 0203 633 3731.

All 15 minute sessions are for a donation gift of any amount, and we will aim to provide light refreshments of tea, coffee and some soft drinks too.

God Bless and we look forward to seeing you xx 

Donate online for your pre booked spiritual healing session or give a donation at the evening.
"Jesus turned to her ........And at once the woman was [completely] healed.''
Matthew 9:22 AMPC

Healing Evening Session Booking Form

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The evening is free to attend we just ask for a donation whatever you can give for the time you can donate online or on the evening how do you wish to do this?