Spiritualist Medium and Intuitive Reader

I am Ashley Summers, I am a natural born Spirit Medium, and I offer sittings with spirit ( mediumship ), Intuitive readings,

guided meditations, spiritual healing and give talks on different spiritual topics and guidance for everyday life.

Services available for you

These are the services I offer in line with my belief and faith in spiritualism.

Sittings with Spirit ( Mediumship )

I offer private sittings to communicate with those in spirit for you, connecting and opening up for your loved ones to come forward and communicate with you.

  • This can be offered by telephone in the UK,

  • in person in Lincolnshire or London UK

  •  also via Zoom for those in UK or international

Sittings can last between 30 minutes and 1 hour it all depends on spirit.

Donation for the sittings is £30 but please get in contact if you wish to give a different donation.

Intuitive Readings ( By telephone UK)

I also offer intuitive / psychic style readings via telephone. This can include personal intuitive and psychic connection as well as using cards to interpret the meanings. 

These are for guidance and insight and can not make decisions for you, think of it like reading the blurb on the back of a book. They give you some detail but not the whole story.

Your life is your own but many enjoy the guidance and connection that comes forward

20 minute readings on a UK mobile cost £30

Spiritual Healing and Prayer

I also offer spiritual healing in accordance with my faith and belief in spiritualism and also offer time for personal prayer or for absent healing and prayer.

Please get in contact Via Telephone or email if you would like to know more, these are offered for free or for any donation amount.

Guided Meditations, Spiritual Talks, Charity giving etc

I also have guided meditations and spiritual talks available online for free, to help with your personal spiritual development.

I am also spiritual into giving back and helping and provide make regular charity donations as as well as support different charities.

 Join the Spiritual Group,  Youtube and Instagram 

There is also a spiritual group on facebook called " Rainbow Inclusive Spiritualist Group ", there are online and in person events please do request to join as it is a private group.

There is also a Youtube page and instagram if you would like to check them out as well

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Guided Meditations

I have some guided meditations available for you to watch on youtube, here is one of them below

Sharing the love of spirit...

Details of readings given, services provided and charity donations/support

Spirit sittings and Intuitive readings given in 2021


Given to charity and to support those in need in 2021


 1 minute spiritual boost videos, Giving a quick bite of spiritual inspiration


Spiritual Healing and Prayer Videos

Charity Giving and Donations

Charity giving is strong in my heart and my walk with God and Spirit....

Going forward in 2021

I have three areas of charity with which I will through the spiritual services I offer support

  •  Spiritualists National Union/ Spiritualism

  • Looking after Nature including Animal Kingdom and Natural World

  • LGBTQIA+ Community

" A picture speaks a thousand words "

My personal Development

2012 Attended an awareness and mediumship class by Libby Clark at the Arthur Findlay College

2013 Began working publicly as an Intuitive and Spirit medium on UK TV and in the Netherlands.

2018-2019 Took time to re establish my own spirituality and connection with God and Spirit, to see how I needed to further develop and re establish who I was my understanding of mediumship and my own spiritual development.

2019  Attended an Advanced Mediumship Class by Brian Lynch

2020 Attended a Psychic/ Intuitive Missing persons class by Stella Upton

2020 Studied and Passed an animal communication course by Helen Da Vita

2020 Began developing on the SNU TSP1 and PAS course

2020 Attended a Mediumship Mentorship by Sheila French DSNU


    Some reviews that people have sent in and mentioned, It is never me it is all spirit and their gift and communication through me, I am just the vessel of the spirit world. All praise and thanks to Great Spirit/ God and Spirit.
    Had a Sitting with Spirit with Ashley and he was amazing. He was a lovely man. Thank you so much Ashley for your very kind words regarding my father and his winegums xxxx Sharon
     Just had a reading of Ashley for the first time this guy is amazing, even down to someone standing on a reef at a funeral and I have just past the message on and things happened to my sister,  I couldn't put the phone down he was that good amazing guy I will phone you again xxx
    Ashley it was such a wonderful experience talking to you tonight. Your guides truly see it all and I am left with such reassurance that the Universe, spirit, Is with me. I will definitely call again to update you.
    Much love and thanks
    You was talking with Spirit for over 2 hours, just talking to them having such beautiful conversation, My Father, Grandmother, Friend, Auntie so many came forward it was an experience I shall never forget.

    Events/ Schedule and Availability

    May 2021

    Available for Sittings and Readings

    2nd, 12th, 16th, 30th

    Live/ Public Demonstrations

    Fun on Fridays

    Saturday Night at the Movies ( 8pm  )

    15th, 29th

    Join the Amazon Prime watch party for a Saturday Night at the Movie together... or watch the film and comment on the instagram post later.

    Special Events

    June 2021

    Available for Sittings and Readings

    Live/ Public Demonstrations

    Fun/ Laughter Events

    Saturday Night at the Movies 8pm

    Join the Amazon Prime watch party for a Saturday Night at the Movie together... or watch the film and comment on the instagram post later.

    Special Events